The Top 50 People Most Retweeted by Mid‐Size Marketers, Per Study

Vala Afshar, Barack Obama, George Takei are killing it on Twitter

Headshot of Christopher Heine

DNN and Leadtail collaborated to analyze the Twitter behaviors of mid-size marketers—those with 50 to 5,000 employees—during Q4 2013 to see what content they most often shared. For instance, the California-based tech companies looked at whether tweets included links from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc. Generally speaking, YouTube and Instagram proved most popular.

But in a world where social-media-minded industry players have seemingly reorganized their lives so they can achieve their personal branding efforts (as in, frequently tweet), it's fun to observe DNN and Leadtail's top 50 retweeted people when it comes to the mid-sized marketing demo. The firm sifted through 90,000 tweets from 500 marketers to come to its findings.

Some of the names are not surprising (Vala Afshar, Jay Baer, Jeremiah Owyang, etc.). But it's fairly interesting to see POTUS Barack Obama and Star Trek legend George Takei charting higher than notable industry folks Guy Kawasaki or Gary Vaynerchuk for this particular category, isn't it? And comedians Jim Gaffigan, Michael Ian Black and Jenny Johnson's appearance suggests that marketers aren't only about serious bidness on Twitter.

Here's the full list.

1. @ValaAfshar (Vala Afshar)
2. @jaybaer (Jay Baer)
3. @MarketingProfs (Ann Handley)
4. @jowyang (Jeremiah Owyang)
5. @levie (Aaron Levie)
6. @ezraklein (Ezra Klein)
7. @leeodden (Lee Odden)
8. @TedRubin (Ted Rubin)
9. @om (Om Malik)
10. @DaveKerpen (Dave Kerpen)
11. @jeffbullas (Jeff Bullas)
12. @BuzzFeedAndrew (Andrew Kaczynski)
13. @MarkRaganCEO (Mark Ragan)
14. @KentHuffman (Kent Huffman)
15. @BarackObama (POTUS)
16. @GeorgeTakei (Star Trek legend)
17. @GuyKawasaki (Guy Kawasaki)
18. @dannysullivan (Danny Sullivan)
19. @garyvee (Gary Vaynerchuk)
20. @darrenrovell (Darren Rovell)
21. @brainpicker (Maria Popova)
22. @BruceVH (Bruce Van Horn)
23. @JeffSheehan (Jeff Sheehan)
24. @Steveology (Steve Farnsworth)
25. @2morrowknight (Sean Gardner)
26. @waltmossberg (Walt Mossberg)
27. @briansolis (Brian Solis)
28. @hunterwalk (Hunter Walk)
29. @AnnTran_ (Ann Tran)
30. @nycjim (Jim Roberts)
31. @cschweitz (Callie Schweitzer)
32. @Britopian (Michael Brito)
33. @Ekaterina (Ekaterina Walter)
34. @markwschaefer (Mark Schaefer)
35. @MariSmith (Mari Smith)
36. @jchernov (Joe Chernov)
37. @GerryMoran (Gerry Moran)
38. @meisenberg (Meagen Eisenberg)
39. @JimGaffigan (Jim Gaffigan)
40. @karaswisher (Kara Swisher)
41. @chrisbrogan (Chris Brogan)
42. @michaelianblack (Michael Ian Black)
43. @Pogue (David Pogue)
44. @mattcutts (Matt Cutts)
45. @Benioff (Marc Benioff)
46. @JennyJohnsonHi5 (Jenny Johnson)
47. @DanielPink (Daniel Pink)
48. @Bill_Gross (Bill Gross)
49. @armano (David Armano)
50. @randfish (Rand Fishkin)

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.