4 Survival Trends People Will Turn to in 2017 That Marketers Need to Understand

Marketers and consumers alike are reeling from a year of deep division and chaos. "WTF just happened?" is the first question we're asking ourselves followed by, "Where do we go from here?"

3 Brands That Stood Out at Aspen’s Food & Wine Classic

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Celebrity Cruises CMO on Marketing the Luxury of the Seas to Landbound Foodies

It's the second day of the weekend-long Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, and Peter Giorgi, the new chief marketing officer of Celebrity Cruises, has just flown in from Helsinki to check out the brand's experiential activation at the renowned culinary event.

4 Reasons Why Food Is Exploding as the Perfect Marketing Medium

Food is inherently nostalgic. We all have memories of dishes that our family cooked or that we ordered at our favorite restaurants growing up, and we are constantly creating new food memories.

Michelle Obama: Marketing Can Make America Healthier

I don't think I ever could have imagined that, as first lady, I would appear in an episode of Billy on the Street to promote fruits and vegetables and would wind up slow dancing with Big B

My Year in Food: a Photo Essay of New York’s Culinary Hot Spots

Some people say grace before a meal. I have a similar ritual before chowing down, as do so many others in this social media age: I take pictures of my […]

Google Says These 5 Food Trends Are Sweeping America

Trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight? No shame in Googling it like the rest of America.

These Incredible Space Scenes Weren’t Painted. They Were Made By Putting Food on a Flat-Bed Scanner

A nebula made from soy sauce, coffee, flour and salt. A galaxy formed from curry powder, cinnamon and poppy seeds.  Welcome to the intergalactic and largely edible inventions of Seattle-based engineer-turned-photographer Navid Baraty. An inventive and multi-talented creative (you can buy his planet-themed cross stitch patterns on Etsy), Baraty posted a new gallery this week of swirling, astronomical images created by putting food items on an Epson scanner.  The image above is described as an Earth-like planet made from the bottom of a glass filled with bourbon, coconut milk, water, soy sauce and food coloring. The stars were created with salt, flour, cinnamon and curry powder.  "I've always been a huge space geek," Baraty explained on his popular Reddit post about the project. "I'd also seen other scanography where people scan objects with the lid open to create an all black background and wondered if I might be able to use the same method to make space scenes out of spices for stars/galaxies, liquids for planets, etc. I was pretty surprised at how realistic it all can look." OK, it's not all strictly edible. One of the images, "Two-Cat Nebula," was made from Sriracha, chili powder, cinnamon, baking powder, salt—and the fur of two cats. Check out some of his creations below (with Baraty's description of the components), and visit his full gallery on Imgur and his photography site.  You can also follow his project on Instagram.  

Infographic: Engaging Content Has Everything to Do With Emotion

As content accounts for more of marketers' budgets, finding direct paths to target audiences becomes increasingly important. AOL Insights analyzed over 7,300 moments when a person engaged with specific content and uncovered new findings that can help marketers better develop content.

Infographic: How Branding and Packaging Affect the Way Consumers Trust Food

Today more than ever, food has become one of the most important—and discussed—choices among U.S. consumers. Since food purchases are heavily influenced by trust, Boston-based consultancy C Space released a study exploring customers' perceptions.