Facebook Offers

Facebook Morphs Sponsored Stories, Kills Online Part of ‘Offers’

Facebook is reshuffling the deck when it comes to its 27 different ad units, and six months from now, fewer than half the cards will be in play.

Facebook Unwraps Gifts Product

Remember when giving someone a gift on Facebook was like sending them a really intricate emoticon? Yeah, people stopped doing that, and so did Facebook. But now the social network is hoping people will start sending each other actual gifts.

Facebook Ties Offers With Ads

When Rosetta Stone bundled a recent Facebook Offers campaign with an ad buy on the social network, the language-learning company saw a better return than its paid search campaign on Google.

1-800-Flowers.com Throws Bouquets at Facebook Offers

1-800-Flowers.com just hit 500,000 Facebook fans and today is commemorating the social media milestone by pitching free shipping, no service charge and a $10 Zynga gift card via Facebook Offers. At press time, more than 2,000 had claimed the special, which the e-commerce player is pushing with ads on the social site.