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Infographic: YouTube Ads Are Reportedly Viewable 91% of the Time

Google has new insights for the industry worried about viewability, one of the top concerns facing the digital marketing world this year.

5 Things IAB’s Randall Rothenberg Wants You to Know About Digital Advertising

The Interactive Advertising Bureau this week launched a nonprofit organization called the IAB Technical Laboratories to help grapple with viewability and other digital advertising issues.

Xaxis Fights Fraud With Money-Back Guarantee for Brands

Call it the resistance—advertisers against the machine. A new guarantee from WPP's Xaxis promises humans are viewing 95 percent of online ads, or your money back.

Publishers Are Responding to Brands’ Viewability Concerns

Viewability has been one of the hotter topics in the digital marketing space this year, and at the heart of the chatter is the Media Ratings Council's decision to lift its advisories against viewability metrics for display and