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This Mentoring Program Helps Women Learn to Win, and Make Their Communities Better

Camila Pirelli wants to corral thousands of disadvantaged youngsters from shantytowns in her native Paraguay and teach them life lessons through sports—and maybe cultivate a future Olympian or two—while Paola Kuri travels around Mexico

Hulu Makes Big Kids Programming Push With New Disney Channel Deal

Hulu, Netflix and Amazon's battle for childrens programming has become just as heated as the one over shows for adults. Today, Hulu landed a big coup in its bid to attract kids to its service: a new deal to stream Disney Channel programming, which has traditionally aired on Netflix.

Disney Channel Relies on Its Beloved Brands (and New Apps) to Connect With Kids and Their Parents

Everything old is new again for the Disney Channel, which is reviving many of its most beloved brands for new series and movies it hopes will appeal to kids as well as their parents.

Constantine, Rick and Morty and a New Guardians of the Galaxy Cartoon at NYCC

Where do people in sexy stormtrooper regalia go to hear an improvised table read by the cast of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty? That's correct, the New York City Comic Con at the Javits Center.

For New Promos, Disney XD Turns to Street Artists and Art Toy Designers

Disney's ad-supported kids' network, Disney XD, is doing something particularly interesting this fall: putting up promos designed by some fairly cutting-edge artists from several different walks of life, including Tristan Eaton.

Viddiverse Is Designed to Be a YouTube/Vine for Kids

"Just one more video and that’s it.”

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is the Hottest Ticket at Comic-Con

Despite a notably toned-down presence among Disney-owned properties at Comic-Con, there was no hotter ticket than the 90-minute panel for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC’s much anticipated fall drama series.

Disney Wraps Major Upfront Sales

It's a wrap at the Disney kids' cable group—Disney XD, Disney Channel, and Disney Jr. The networks saw a bump of 25 percent in total dollars over last year, likely because of new network Disney Jr., and because of improbable ratings juggernaut Doc McStuffins.

The Incredible Shrinking Christmas

As anyone who’s ever cracked open an Econ 101 textbook will tell you, there’s something a little goofy happening at the moment in the kids television market. Despite flattened demand and a drag on volume largely driven by a massive ratings shortfall at Nickelodeon, pricing on kids-targeted inventory hasn’t budged.

Disney Set to Give Up a Chunk of Its CPG Business … Sort Of

Looks like Mickey is giving up Capri-Sun and Lunchables—but it may be its competitors who feel the pinch. The Walt Disney Co. will adopt stricter in-house nutritional standards for companies buying advertising on its radio and television networks starting in about 2015, multiple sources confirmed this morning.