Melissa McCarthy Will Star in Kia’s 60-Second Super Bowl Ad for the Niro Hybrid

After putting Christopher Walken in a Super Bowl commercial for the Optima sedan last year, Kia is turning to another celebrity, Melissa McCarthy, to hype its Niro hybrid crossover on this year's game.

How David&Goliath’s Name Is Helping Employees and Brands Be More Brave

Specs Who Stephen Larkin Current gig Chief marketing officer, David&Goliath Previous gig Chief marketing officer, 180LA Age 49

David&Goliath Hires New Chief Marketing Officer From 180LA

David&Goliath has hired Stephen Larkin as its new chief marketing officer. Larkin joins the agency from 180LA, where he worked for three years and also held the CMO position.

Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth Totally Cheat at Tecmo Bowl in Kia’s Nostalgic New Ads

Bo Jackson really, really, really, really loves Tecmo Bowl.

DavidAndGoliath.com Is Held for Ransom by Masked Villains. Will David Angelo Pay Up?

Ever since Los Angeles ad agency David&Goliath opened its doors in November 1999, it has suffered the indignity of not being able to get its hands on davidandgoliath.com, which was being used by another company. Founder David Angelo and his shop—best known for its Kia advertising—were forced to settle for dng.com, a depressingly acronymic substitute for such a mythic name. But it looks like Angelo might finally be able to seize the prized URL—for a price.

14 Top Creatives Reveal Their Favorite Ads From Cannes and Beyond

What's some of the best work you've done this year? And what work from other agencies has made you jealous? 

Colin Jeffery Explains the Silly and Serious Sides of David&Goliath


Ad of the Day: Kia Hamsters Give Deliverance a New Spin, and a Happier Musical Ending

That prize banjo scene from the film Deliverance gets a CG-infused makeover in Kia's latest ad, featuring its trademark hamsters, who have basically become the Barbie doll of brand mascots—they

A Man Rides His Favorite Number Into the Sunset in This California Lottery Ad

David&Goliath's new ad for the California Lottery focuses on a man who's quirkily obsessed with the number five—including waking up at 5:55 a.m., living at 555 5th Street, and basically designing as many interactions as he can around this number. 

Jack Crosses the Delaware in Jack in the Box’s Regional Super Bowl Ad

Perennial Big Game advertiser Jack in the Box is returning for Super Bowl 50 with another regional spot from its new creative agency of record, David&Goliath.