Shocking PSA Might Make You Think Differently About Domestic Violence

Hidden cameras have been used in various PSA campaigns lately to shed light on how people react in public to distressing situations. Notably, there was the Norwegian stunt where a boy sat freezing without a coat at a bus stop in winter.

Ads Create Optical Illusions to Highlight Hospital’s Cramped Conditions

Here’s a creative way to highlight an issue as mundane as cramped working conditions. Instead of using computer-generated special effects, agency Dare creates optical illusions through custom set design in new ads for the British Columbia Children's Hospital Foundation. The skewed perspectives and furniture are properly disorienting (it's like they put a hospital in Willy Wonka's house), and the spots illustrate the hospital's current space issues in a way that might have proven too distracting with digital effects. Check out one ad below, watch another after the jump, and read more about the effort over at Adrants.

The Spot: Speed the Plough

IDEA: Hovis bread secured its place in British advertising history with 1973's much-loved "Boy on Bike" spot. Directed by Ridley Scott, the homespun tale featured a young boy pushing a bike with its bread-filled basket through a small town.

Adult-TV Ads Poke Fun at Absurdity of XXX Plots (SFW)

Doing ads for adult-television networks—not an easy job. You can't use the channel's content, for one thing. Yet Amour, an XXX station in Canada, consistently does amusing work. A couple of years ago, they did a funny series of promos (via Cossette) in which porn actresses attempted to read Shakespeare—with text that clarified, "You won't watch for the acting." Now, Amour is back, with a new agency—Dare Vancouver—and another humorous series of ads. This time, the spots (directed by Tim Godsall of OPC/Biscuit Filmworks, with editing by Arcade Edit) start off like porn scenes—but take hilarious left turns at the end, pointing out that real life is quite a bit more mundane than what happens on Amour. "Fantasies happen, but only on Amour adult TV," says each spot. Two more ads after the jump.

Ad of the Day: Whistler Film Festival

Indie film festival ads can be wonderfully odd. The movies are often peculiar, so the advertising can be as well.

In Canada, Honda Civics Come in Giant Boxes of Fake Cereal

In a salute to the flimsy plastic cars that come shrink-wrapped in breakfast cereal, the Vancouver arm of digital agency Dare assembled this gigantic box of knockoff Cheerios, then put a real Honda Civic in front of it. The conceit is a bit fantastical.

Sony Ericsson’s spots skewer focus groups

Most people in advertising have been subjected to the drudgery known as focus groups. Now, Sony Ericsson is mining silly focus-group situations in new ads created by Dare's New York […]