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LG’s Bottom-of-the-Page Ads Are Getting a 2.1% Click-Through Rate

Top-of-the-page banner ads don't have the greatest reputation in terms of moving the sales needle, so why not see if they work better affixed at the bottom of the screen?

House of Cards Star Corey Stoll Doesn’t Bother With Cable

Specs Who Corey Stoll  Age 37

Howard Kurtz Exits NewsBeast [UPDATED]

Howard Kurtz is leaving The Daily Beast/Newsweek in the wake of his Jason Collins blog-post fiasco.

Tumblr Editor Posts ‘Awesome’ Goodbye After Storyboard Shutters

Tumblr CEO David Karp announced late last night that his Storyboard division—a collection of writers and editors hired in the last year to highlight its content—has already reached the end of its rope.

NewsBeast Names VP, Publisher

Ben Zagorski, most recently the associate publisher of Atlantic Media Strategies, has packed up and moved to NewsBeast, formerly known as the Newsweek Daily Beast Co., as vp, publisher.

NewsBeast Layoffs Begin

It's got to be a sad day at the Newsweek Daily Beast Co., where the layoffs that have been expected since the company announced it would fold the dead-tree edition of Newsweek have begun.

Petraeus’ Fallout for NewsBeast

The David Petraeus firestorm is having fallout in the publishing world.

BuzzFeed Report to Publishing Partners Demonstrates Power of Social Web

Lost in all the hype about GIFs and high-profile hirings is BuzzFeed's original identity as an online publishing experiment. At its core, BuzzFeed is all about the data, which the site is constantly collecting through a publishing partner network (including more than 200 publishers like The Huffington Post, TMZ, and The Daily Beast, with 300 monthly users).

NewsBeast Loses Digital Honcho

The NewsBeast's Daniel Blackman, a Google vet who became chief digital officer a little over a year ago, has left the company. Insiders said he was pushed out; Blackman couldn't be reached. 

Newsroom Roil Is Tina’s Beast of Burden

When word spread that the legendary Tina Brown was going to take over as editor of Newsweek, merging it with her news and aggregation site The Daily Beast, it did wonders for morale at the moribund magazine.