This Week’s Must-Haves: a Bluetooth Speaker Skateboard That Lets You Feel the Music

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a skateboard with Bluetooth speaker, a collapsible bike helmet and a robotic mop that does the dirty work for you. Take a look! 

This Week’s Must-Haves: Vanhawks’ Smart Bike Makes Commuting a Breeze

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a super-smart bike, high-tech earplugs and a shirt that's perfect for your next #TBT. Take a look!

TBWA Designs a Bike-Lock Poster From Pieces of Competitors’ Broken Locks

To introduce AXA's Victory bicycle lock, TBWA\Neboko scoured the streets of Amsterdam looking for other companies' broken bike locks, and used pieces of them in this memorable poster and billboard campaign (which even has its own making-of video).

Only One Thing Can Save the Grumpy Monster From His Hellish Day in This Cute Ad

In "Shed the Monster," the brief, pleasingly silly film below, some guy in a brutish latex mask—he looks like Geico's caveman—grunts a lot in pissed-off fashion, as all of life's little challenges conspire to get him down.

Bikes Ride Themselves in This Heart-Pounding Ad for Cycling in Canada

Canada is a great country for cycling, but the bikes aren't going to ride themselves. Well, actually they do in this inventing and intense spot for Cycling Canada from ad agency Innocean, Sons and Daughters director Mark Zibert and effects house Alter Ego.

Danny MacAskill’s Truly Epic Ride Through a Scottish Ridge Proves Nothing Is Impassable

Skye's the limit for Danny MacAskill. And he doesn't need a plane to soar. He flies just fine on a mountain bike in this seven-minute dazzler called "The Ridge." The gorgeously shot vdeo finds the cyclist back home on Scotland's Isle of Skye, his epic adventure captured by helmet-cam, drone and lenses that are seemingly everywhere.

Is This the World’s First Unstealable Bike?

For decades, urban cyclists have been seeking the ultimate bike lock, only to find each one's vulnerabilities eventually demonstrated on YouTube. But what if the answer were in the bike itself?

Ad for Bike Light Illuminates Cycling Magazine’s Entire iPad Edition

Here's a clever idea from Publicis Frankfurt—an ad for a bike light that readers must "turn on" in order to be able to read an intentionally darkened version of a cycling magazine. Too intrusive? Perhaps—although the interruption is pretty minor, and the creative has a delightful element to it.

British Journalist Puts Ad in Chicago Tribune Telling Oprah What to Ask Lance

Lance Armstrong is reportedly ready to confess to drug use in an interview being taped today with Oprah Winfrey.

Other Lance Armstrong Sponsors Follow Nike

After being fired by Nike, Lance Armstrong is losing the support of many of his remaining endorsement partners: Anheuser-Busch; Radio Shack; Trek Bicycles; Easton-Bell, the maker of Giro helmets; FRS, an energy drink company; and Honey Stinger, an energy food manufacturer, have all said they are cutting ties with the disgraced former Tour de France winner.