British Journalist Puts Ad in Chicago Tribune Telling Oprah What to Ask Lance

David Walsh's continuing quest

Lance Armstrong is reportedly ready to confess to drug use in an interview being taped today with Oprah Winfrey. In the lead-up to the interview, David Walsh, sports editor of Britain's Sunday Times, placed an ad in the Chicago Tribune—Winfrey's hometown paper—offering a list of questions she should ask the disgraced cyclist. Walsh has written extensively on doping scandals in cycling and published three books about Armstrong himself—L.A. Confidentiel (written with Pierre Ballester); From Lance to Landis: Inside the American Doping Controversy at the Tour de France; and Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong, which was published last year. (An ebook, Lanced: The Shaming of Lance Armstrong, is also available at Amazon.) Considering that level of obsession, Armstrong's probably lucky he's not at the bottom of a well in Walsh's basement, being forced to rub lotion on his skin. Anyway, since the whole point of the Oprah interview is for Armstrong to kinda sorta admit he pumped himself full of who knows what, most of Walsh's questions are irrelevant. The same could be said of Armstrong, too, at this point. Via Deadspin.