Step Inside 92-Year-Old Marvel Comic Book Legend Stan Lee’s Office

If there were ever a person who shaped and molded the childhoods of millions, it would be Stan Lee. His decades-long tenure at Marvel produced some of America's most beloved […]

XKCD Live-Sketched the Comet Landing Every Few Minutes for 12 Incredible Hours

If you missed the excitement and tension of Wednesday's Philae lander completing its 10-year journey to a comet's surface, here's a pretty fantastic way to relive it.Web cartoonist Randall Munroe, creator of the massively popular xkcd, live-cartooned the Philae module's separation from the Rosetta spacecraft and its gradual, often nerve-wracking descent to the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.Despite the marketing and media world's obsession with producing real-time content, Munroe truly created something light years beyond what most big-budget brands or news outlets would attempt (or even imagine in the first place).

Webcomic Draws a 46-Foot-Wide Interactive Masterpiece

Sometimes, something comes along that’s so brilliant and creative, you don’t even feel guilty letting it suck away an hour (or more) of your workday.

Axe Unleashes ‘Anarchy’ on the Comics World

Axe is creating a graphic novel (aka, a comic book) called Anarchy that's about two experimental fragrances that are unleashed on the world. It will feature hot chicks with gravity-defying anatomy and a plot created by you, the Axe fan.

Arianna Huffington Becomes a Superhero

Arianna Huffington has achieved some pretty impressive things in her career. But do her accomplishments make her a superhero? One comic book publisher apparently thinks so.

‘Dickwolves’ scandal rattles a comic empire

To understand the drama of the Dickwolves, you must first understand that Penny Arcade is not just a Web comic. It is a two-man multimedia empire that has cranked out […]

Comic books find a new favorite superhero

On Jan. 8, Marvel released a special inauguration issue of Spider-Man with Barack Obama on the cover. The edition has already sold out twice and is currently rushing into a […]

Marvel tries actually advertising its comics

When a comic book becomes a movie these days, the film tends to get a marketing blitz so epic, it would make Apple plead for sensible restraint. But comic books […]