Webcomic Draws a 46-Foot-Wide Interactive Masterpiece

'Click and Drag' will devour your day and blow your mind

Sometimes, something comes along that’s so brilliant and creative, you don’t even feel guilty letting it suck away an hour (or more) of your workday. Today, that prize goes to the popular webcomic xkcd, which has posted a staggeringly massive black-and-white drawing called "Click and Drag" that you’ll want to explore from every possible angle. By dragging your way through the image in its relatively limited frame, you can explore artist Randall Munroe’s mountainous landscape from side to side, delve into the subterranean depths or sweep the skies looking for airplanes, levitating jellyfish and other oddities. It’s an amazing accomplishment, packed with Easter eggs, such as a Super Mario Bros.-esque series of pipes, which extend down, down, down into vertical caves with “walls worn smooth by billions of tumbling Mario corpses.” According to Kottke.org, the total image is 46 feet wide when printed at 300 dpi. Once you've explored it to your heart's content—and not a moment before!—you can browse a mashup of the full image here. This isn’t xkcd’s first ambitious art project. If you missed it, be sure to revisit Munroe’s awe-inspiring look at “Lakes and Oceans” around the world.

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