Chicago Tribune

This ‘Returnship’ Eases People’s Transition Back to Agency Jobs After Years Away

Sue Vering was an associate creative director at DDB Chicago when she left in 1998, ultimately taking seven years off from the ad business to raise her daughter, get involved in community activities and write freelance features for the Chicago Tribune.

Jack Griffin Named CEO of Tribune Publishing

The Tribune Co.

Tribune Company Separating Newspaper, Broadcast Assets

The Tribune Company is going to spin off its newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune, into a newly formed Tribune Publishing Company, the company announced this morning. Its broadcasting properties will remain together in the Tribune Company.

Chicago Tribune Buys Pizza for Boston Globe After Last Week’s Hell Week

The Chicago Tribune really, really loves Boston.

Chicago Tribune Honors Boston With Amazing Tribute From One Great Sports Town to Another

Here's a pretty incredible piece of editorial from the front page of the sports section in Tuesday's Chicago Tribune—a tribute to Boston following Monday's bombings that turns all Chicago sports fans into Boston fans.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 8 Ads

Microsoft’s goals with Windows 8 and its Surface tablet are nothing if not lofty.

The Neighborhood Watch

Spelunking equipment, climbing gear and snowshoes are Steve Sutorius’ life. That’s clear watching him as he peddles outdoor-sports merchandise in his shop, Wildernest, on this 10-mile-long jewel in Puget Sound just off the coast from Seattle.

Tribune Co. Close to Exiting Bankruptcy

Nearly three years after filing for Chapter 11, the Chicago-based Tribune Co. is finally on the verge of exiting bankruptcy.