Chicago Tribune Buys Pizza for Boston Globe After Last Week's Hell Week

Gesture of thanks for 'tenacious coverage'

The Chicago Tribune really, really loves Boston. Following the moral support it showed last week in the wake of the bombings at the marathon (via an impressive stunt on the front page of the sports section), the Trib today doubled down by sending dozens of pizzas to the Boston Globe—a free lunch as a gesture of thanks and respect for the exhaustive and exhausting coverage the Globe reporters and editors churned out under difficult circumstances. "You make us all proud to be journalists," read the accompanying note. It's a wonderful gesture, and clearly appreciated by the Globe staffers. Some will say it's starting to feel a bit like an image campaign for the Tribune. But even so, who cares? Someone there is taking the time to show a little empathy and respect—two things that could be in greater supply at almost any news organization these days.