Century 21

Century 21 Just Listed a Very Nice Property Seeking New Residents: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Got $394 million lying around? You should go look at Century 21's latest property listing—a lovely house in Washington, D.C., whose current residents are moving out in January.

Century 21 Helps You Give Dad Just What He Wants for Father’s Day: Nothing

If you believe nothing is good enough to give Dad on Father's Day, Century 21 has the perfect gift idea for you: Why not give the big guy a parcel of land in Nothing, Ariz.?After all, he's got plenty of sweaters, ties and cologne already. And when you ask Dad what he wants for his big day, the dude always makes with the awe-shucks routine and mumbles, "Nothing." So getting stuck with a piece of bone-dry, ghost-town real estate in a sweltering desert, 120 miles from Phoenix, would serve him right! 

Century 21 Quietly Has Fun With Its Silent, Autoplaying Ads on Facebook

Instead of watching a Facebook ad that makes you long for a langorous night playing guitar by the firepit, why not just buy a house? That's the mental leap Century 21 asks you to make in its new set of cheeky 15-second Facebook ads.

Century 21’s New Campaign Is Made Entirely of Moving Boxes

When you're moving, you're so beset by cardboard boxes that your life might as well be made of them. And now, Century 21's new ad campaign actually is.

Century 21 Is Selling a Zombie Proofing Kit for Your Home on eBay

It's nothing fancy—just some particle boards and nails. But it ought to keep out those bloodthirsty zombies.

Brands Miss the Mark With 9/11 Tweets

Sept. 11 is a difficult time for brands to take on Twitter. While some industry observers applaud brands that try to inject themselves into social chatter, more often than not, tweets can end up as fiascoes in an otherwise well-meaning flurry of posts. 

Zillow Pays $3.5 Billion for Trulia

Zillow has acquired Trulia for $3.5 billion in stock, which could trigger a string of similar consolidations within the online real estate industry. 

How Mullen Brought Century 21 Into the 21st Century With Fun, Fast Social Ads

IDEA: Days before the Breaking Bad finale last fall, a curious home for sale popped up on Craigslist. "3BR/2BA Albuquerque ranch is fit for a king," it read. "Great local schools with dedicated teachers who take an interest in students. … First-rate area camping and RV spots."

What Every House Needs: A Century 21 Branded Landing Pad for Amazon Drones

Behold the C21 Delivery Landing Pad, designed to accommodate package deliveries by airborne drones. According to the product's maker, real-estate giant Century 21, "no home of the 21st century will be complete without one." Even so, don't expect the pad to be included with your next split-level colonial.

‘Tryptophan Slow Jam’ Video Is Easily the Strangest Thing Century 21 Has Ever Done

Century 21 and its agency, Mullen, have been doing some offbeat stuff together lately—pretending to sell Walter White's house on Craigslist; urging Twitter's mascot to upgrade to a bigger birdhouse after the company's IPO.