Andy Awards

Why Juries Must Become More Diverse for Industry Awards to Be Truly Legitimate

Is it a coincidence that both the entertainment and advertising industries are facing a diversity crisis on their awards juries? Probably not. Both of these industries, which champion and celebrate creative work, share a history of not having many shifts in power. 

Wieden + Kennedy’s Bizarre, Mysterious Call for Entries Kicks Off the 2016 Andy Awards

BBDO global chief creative officer David Lubars recently told Adweek the agency world has an "an unhealthy obsession" with awards. But even the most cursory glance around the industry will tell you awards shows are here to stay.

ANDY Awards Celebrate Bravery in Call for Entries for 50th Anniversary

Droga5, an agency that knows a thing or two about fearless creative, has designed the call for entries for the 2014 International ANDY Awards—the show's 50th anniversary—around the idea of bravery.

Chipotle, CAA Win Grandy for ‘Back to the Start’

Awards season has arrived, and Creative Artist Agency made a strong entrance—beating out more traditional ad shops for the top honor at the Andy Awards.

Surprise! W+K Wins Grand Andy

Settle in for what may be the least shocking awards season yet.

Andys chooses ‘Montage Me’ call for entries

Kudos to the Andy Awards for at least trying to modernize the fusty ad-awards business. Rather than simply add new categories, the Andys organizers clearly want to recognize big changes […]

‘Elect the Jury’ is electing jury you expected

Everyone in advertising bemoans that it isn't as relevant in the culture anymore. The Clios used to be televised! Well, it turns out the industry is pretty insular itself. The […]

Egos claw and scratch for Andys-jury votes

The idea of electing the jury for the 2010 Andy Awards is commendable: Instead of picking the same creatives who judge all the awards shows, open up the process to […]

No one with talent wants to be your friend

Mother London has created an amusing call-for-entries campaign for the Andy Awards, in which you can send bogus friend-requests to your buddies from top ad-industry creatives. When the recipients of […]

Your creative work makes Gerry Graf vomit

The Andy Awards has set up a call-for-entries Web site called the Instacritique. You’re invited to upload your work and get various reactions from five well-known creative directors, as well […]