Andys chooses ‘Montage Me’ call for entries

Kudos to the Andy Awards for at least trying to modernize the fusty ad-awards business. Rather than simply add new categories, the Andys organizers clearly want to recognize big changes in the business. Last year, they tried to crowdsource the jury, for example, although it pretty much led to the jury you’d expect. Now, it’s used a crowdsourcing contest to find an ad campaign to drum up entries. A trio from Leo Burnett’s Energy Pool—copywriter Michael Williams and art directors Jyn Yi and Justin Gilman—won the competition with the “Montage Me” digital campaign, which leans heavily on Facebook. It’s basically another in the long string of variations on “Elf Yourself” and “Simpsonize Me.” The result is a personalized cheesy music video. The Andys say they got more than 1,000 entries. For their efforts, Williams gets a seat on the jury, and the trio get a campaign to put in their book. What they don’t get is paid. (Leo Burnett is covering the production costs.) Welcome to the future of advertising.