Walgreens Runs Blowout Video Ad Effort—Aimed at Bots?

Just before Memorial Day Weekend, Walgreens started running a blowout Web video ad campaign for its Way to Well initiative. The ads, featuring Alison Sweeney (Sammy from Days of Our Lives), had already made their debut on YouTube in April.

Alphabird, Digimogul: Tell Us Who’s Behind the Botnet

The Chameleon botnet continues to plague the display advertising industry.

Meet the Most Suspect Publishers on the Web

If you spend enough time in the murky world of ad exchanges, ad tech middlemen and real-time bidding software, you might come away wondering why any major brand even bothers with online advertising.

Ad Wreck

Blame Mary Meeker. Definitely blame Google. And most of all, perhaps, blame MySpace.

Making the Wrong Impression

What do Jaguar, Fiat, Jeep, Sheraton and Hewlett-Packard have in common? What about Westin Hotels, Citibank and JetBlue? Not only are they blue-chip, discerning brands, they're also heavy advertisers on sites like,, and, all properties of company called AlphaBird.