Alloy Entertainment

Alloy Pitching Novel-Inspired Teen Drama

Fresh off an acquisition of the video ad network Digital Broadcasting Group, Alloy Digital rolled out a slate of eight original Web series seeking advertisers' support at an art gallery-themed NewFront in New Y

Alloy Digital Acquires Video Network DBG

Alloy Digital has acquired the video ad network Digital Broadcasting Group. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Hulu Pushing Further Into Branded Entertainment With Alloy

For the third time in five months, Ford's testing branded online video entertainment. The Detroit automotive brand and Schick are sponsoring the second installation of “Dating Rules,” a Web video series by Alloy Digital that premiered on Hulu Wednesday (Aug. 1).

BRB! I’m Watching Awesomeness

Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel: Watch your back. While it’s been challenging enough for the cable channels to get tweens to watch, now another player is going after them where they live—on YouTube.

Zombie Apocalypse Spreads to YouTube

The jury is still out on how YouTube’s 100 original channels strategy will pan out, but here’s one early conclusion: animation seems to work