Alexis Ohanian

Victoria Taylor Reflects on Her Time at Reddit and Life at the Center of a Media Maelstrom

When Reddit's long-simmering user frustrations boiled over into full-blown revolt last month, Victoria Taylor quickly and unintentionally became the rebellion's most celebrated martyr.

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Steps Down After Outrage From Firing Talent Director

Just one week after Reddit moderators revolted against the firing of the site's director of talent Victoria Taylor, interim CEO Ellen Pao has resigned.

Reddit’s Pick for New Ad Leader Shows the Site Is Getting Serious About Mobile

Reddit's ad team has a new leader as the "Front Page of the Internet" forges ahead with a mobile and marketing push. The company hired Zubair Jandali from Google, who started this month as Reddit's first vp of sales.

Alexis Ohanian Is Returning to Help Run Reddit

Reddit is going through a shake-up, but co-founder Alexis Ohanian wants to assure its members that they're in good hands—his own.

Internet Lobby Looks Beyond SOPA

The Internet community is getting its lobby act together, sort of. At the very least, it has more associations than ever before representing its interests in Washington. “The more the better,” said Michael Petricone, the Consumer Electronics Association’s svp of government affairs.

Reddit Hits the Road

Launched in 2005, the social news site Reddit has become one of the most peculiar, powerful, and even controversial destinations on the Web.

Reddit to Bring the Internet to the People

In early October, candidates will be wheeling across the country, feverishly shaking hands and kissing babies. It's a familiar, thoroughly rehearsed, and perfectly choreographed routine. But this fall, the candidates will be joined by a new presence bussing across the heartlands: Reddit.