Agency Web Sites

This Agency’s New Website Is a Huge, Hilarious Parody of Terrible Agency Websites

As a rule, agency websites are pretty wretched—full of self-congratulation, jargon, "creative" headshots and pompous meditations on proprietary philosophies and processes. But Zulu Alpha Kilo's is the absolute worst—in a good way.

Agency Houses Website Entirely on Instagram

An agency website located entirely on Instagram!? Meh. One uses hashtags to navigate Tribal DDB Israel's "Officegram" and view images of staffers, their daily routines and the work they produce. There's surprisingly little substance.

The Latest in Agency Websites: A Simple Search Box

Darling Agency in New York goes minimal with its new website, which is just a search box. You can still get the requisite information, but instead of clicking on a link you have to type in stuff like "About," "Clients," "Work" and "Contact." Sometimes, typing in profanities and joke searches y

2010’s best and worst agency holiday cards

It’s that time of year again, the holiday season, when ad agencies either go completely overboard with impressive holiday cards that would make some of their clients jealous, or else […]

New JWT site keeps going and going and …

JWT is out with a new-ish agency Web site. Here's the twist: It doesn't end. The WPP Group shop is pulling in feeds of content ranging from staff bios to […]

TBWA turns its agency site into a slideshow

Agencies like nothing more than reinventing the agency site. We've seen the drab, Flash-heavy, barely usable site recast as a blog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a Twitter […]

Mother London enjoys honest holiday spam

This came to our attention too late to include on our list of best agency holiday cards. But it's doubtful any shop will top Mother London's "Giving is Glorious" idea […]

2009’s best and worst agency holiday cards

Ad-agency holiday cards are a proud tradition. Nowadays, they usually come in the form of a holiday Web site. Some make you go "Ho ho ho." Others have you grumbling […]

Colle+McVoy men have a special gift for you

It's about time for the spate of agency holiday Web sites. Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis has an unusual entry that melds e-commerce, charity and humiliation. Agency Ham is a 2010 calendar […]

W+K posting ‘Wiedenisms’ on new Web site

Wieden + Kennedy has touched up its Web site. It isn't likely to turn heads in the vein of Modernista! or BooneOakley, but it does pay tribute to the agency's […]