Agency Houses Website Entirely on Instagram

Tribal DDB Israel parses content with hashtags

An agency website located entirely on Instagram!? Meh. One uses hashtags to navigate Tribal DDB Israel's "Officegram" and view images of staffers, their daily routines and the work they produce. There's surprisingly little substance. It's mainly a collection of stylized images of uber-casual hipster types making goofy faces, strumming guitars, kicking back in cubicles, snacking in a conference room, wearing weird blue masks and, in several cases, smoking cigarettes (paging Big Tobacco!). There's a requisite cute kitty shot (it's sipping a Coke—aww!), and we're treated to a foosball game in progress, surely the definitive statement that this place seeks to define itself as A Fun Creative Shop to the Max. (Stressing image over information in a trendy, self-promotional Web effort basically inverts Modernista!'s high-profile tactic from a few years back. All that sharing didn't help Modernista!, so taking the opposite approach might not be a bad idea.) Tribal DDB boasts that the stunt has gotten lots of Google hits, Twitter attention and media coverage "with no budget whatsoever." Fair enough, but showing clients what they could achieve for free doesn't seem like a good way to get them to open their pocketbooks. Via PSFK.

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