With Vinyl’s Resurgence, Here’s How Brands Are Capitalizing on Music’s Most Analog Medium

The resurgence of vinyl has everybody talking, and listening.

Adele Gives NBC Its Biggest Music Special in 10 Years

Adele's media domination continues.Three weeks after her new album, 25, had the biggest-selling debut ever, the singer turned her record-breaking powers to TV, giving NBC its highest-rated prime-time music special in 10 years. 

Are Magazines Downplaying the Figures of Plus-Size Stars?

Elle magazine has come under fire for allegedly downplaying the plus-size figure of actress Melissa McCarthy on its latest cover. Critics are saying Elle purposely tried to hide the Bridesmaids […]

Adele Is Everywhere, Including This Adorable Target Ad

I didn't watch the Grammys, which is fine, because I've already heard Adele's "Rolling in the Deep," and didn't feel an overwhelming need to hear it again on the show, see it win countless awards—and hear it yet again in this Target ad from Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore. Still, the ad is neat—as grouchy as I am, I can't hate on singing children—and allows us all a peek into a glorious alternate universe where people who sing on buses aren't completely crazy. Plus, if nothing else, the spot offered a temporary respite from people bitching about, or offering to be abused by, Chris Brown. Target and W+K parted ways earlier this year, but the agency's final work for the brand continues to roll out. After the jump, check out "Color Changes Everything," a new :60 from W+K's New York office celebrating the retailer's new spring collection.

CBS Scores Second Biggest Grammy Audience of All Time

Whitney Houston may have cast a long shadow over the 54th Grammy Awards, but the music community’s response to the singer’s death helped generate huge ratings for CBS.