Agency Post-it Wars Spread, as Other Shops (and Even 3M) Join the Fun

There was a time when a big company like 3M might have sent a nasty letter to the agencies waging a Post-it war on Canal Street—telling them to quit sullying its brand name in social posts. These days, though, any company that knows anything about social would be thrilled to see something like this develop. And 3M was.

Watch MC Hammer Help This Brand Stop Hammer Time—Literally

Rapper MC Hammer is donning his shiny hammer pants again in a new campaign for 3M's Command strips. The campaign, "Do. No Harm," from Grey New York, fully maximizes the pun potential of the "U Can't Touch This" and "Too Legit to Quit" artist's name and catchphrases.

3M Builds a Rube Goldberg Machine From Its Esoteric Products, but Is It the Best Metaphor?

3M, which makes lots of different kinds of random, practical objects like sandpaper and stethoscopes, has now combined a bunch of them into one highly impractical but somewhat entertaining object—a Rube Goldberg machine.

3M Makes Retargeted Banner Ads Less Annoying by Turning Them Into Post-it Notes

Retargeted banner ads are the sledgehammer of the Web, bashing you again and again with the same random product you looked at once, whether you like it or not. But 3M figured it could use the retargeted banner's weakness as a strength. If the same banner comes up again and again, the company figured, why not make it a Post-it note where you could jot down info that might be useful later—when the ad pops up again?

Dell, Pennzoil and 3M Execs Talk SXSW

One of the themes already emerging from South by Southwest Interactive has centered on how big-brand execs have come to see what all the fuss is about this year. So Adweek caught up with play-callers for Dell, Pennzoil and 3M to chat about the different plans that have been put into place around the festival.

Modern Climate Helps Brands Get Mobile

Specs Who (l. to r.) John Moberg, COO, CTO; Keith Wolf, CCO; Geoff Bremner, president and CEO; Jason Tell, chief knowledge officer What Digital ad agency Where Minneapolis

Nascar Goes All-In With Green Initiative

As part of an ongoing eco-friendly initiative, Nascar on Sunday will roll out a new spot designed to illustrate how its drivers and corporate partners are chipping in to help make the planet a little greener.

3M Delivers Post-its for the Digital Age

Is a Post-it still a Post-it without its fun, sticky backing? In an attempt to bring those delightfully low-tech notes into the high-tech digital age, 3M is launching a new app that turns the paper squares into electronic reminders.

350,000 Post-it Notes Used in Shoe Brand’s Stop-Motion Film

Here's a project that's not just for squares.

Post-it Notes Jot Down Their Love for William & Kate

Post-it is putting up giant yellow notes around London wishing Prince William and Kate Middleton a long and happy marriage together. Because, you know, nothing says permanence quite like a Post-it note. "May you stick together forever. Congratulations," says copy on the wall next to the notes. The tagline is: "Holds stronger and longer." The campaign, by OgilvyAction, went live on Sunday and will run for two weeks in various sites across London. Helene Manga, brand manager at 3M, says: "We couldn't say no to the campaign. The royal wedding is spreading cheer throughout the nation as millions, even billions of people across the world gear up for this wonderful celebration. OgilvyAction has placed Post-it Super Sticky Notes at the heart of the event with a humorous campaign that has as wonderfully light touch." If Manga was invited to Friday's wedding, she's now surely been uninvited. Full image after the jump. Via Ads of the World.