YouTube to Take on Spotify with New Music Streaming Service

By Devon Glenn 

YouTube is reportedly launching a subscription music service to compete with the social music network Spotify.

According to Fortune, the video sharing site will likely give listeners the choice of either playing the songs for free, mixed in with advertisements, or paying a fee to hear the songs ad-free.

Google will also build a digital locker at Google Play for Android for purchasing and collecting songs.

Fortune has more:

Potentially foreshadowing how Google’s two separate music services will compliment one another, YouTube has already begun embedding click to buy links on user-uploaded songs that direct to Google Play (along with Google’s competitors: Amazon Mp3 and iTunes). It’s not difficult to imagine a user’s “collection” becoming jointly visible between the two platforms, or having music purchases or listening histories from one feed informing the recommendation engine of the other.

The article also quotes a YouTube spokesperson who said, “While we don’t comment on rumor or speculation, there are some content creators that think they would benefit from a subscription revenue stream in addition to ads, so we’re looking at that.”

Image by feiyuezhangjie.