YouTube EDU Surpasses 1,000 Educational Channels, Launches Playbook For Educators

By Megan O'Neill 

Today YouTube EDU hit a major milestone in the educational arena—they now host over 1,000 educational channels for viewers to learn from.  To celebrate, they’ve launched a special YouTube EDU Creator Playbook Guide.

The YouTube EDU Creator Playbook Guide, which can be downloaded here, features the best practices for creators making educational content on YouTube.

Arthur Woods of the YouTube EDU team writes on the YouTube blog, “The Guide suggest ideas for organizing curriculum videos on YouTube, attracting a bigger audience to your educational content, and explains how to use YouTube features like annotations and playlists to make educational channels more interactive.”

The Guide covers everything from an overview of the different categories of educational video to educational principles and strategies for YouTube specifically, production tips, tent-pole programming, how to build a curriculum, video optimization and more.

In addition, James Sanders, KIPP Bay Area Innovation Manager has put together a presentation of 10 ways teachers can use YouTube in the classroom, complete with video examples.

I have been excited about YouTube EDU for awhile now.  I think it’s awesome that through YouTube students can audit classes from the world’s top universities, learn from some of the world’s greatest minds, and that teachers can share their own knowledge with the world, and I think it’s wonderful that YouTube is providing resources for educators to help grow this offering.

Congrats to YouTube EDU on surpassing 1,000 channels.  Can’t wait to see how education continues to grow on YouTube!  And now…enjoy this fun EDU video shared by James Sanders in his presentation.  Yay!

Image credit: VLADGRIN via

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