‘YouTube Lyrics’ Extension Lets You Sing Along with Your Videos

By Megan O'Neill 

YouTube sing-alongs are the best, and the ‘YouTube Lyrics’ browser extension makes singing along to your favorite music videos incredibly easy.  Just add the extension on Chrome, Firefox or Opera and it will automatically show you the lyrics to songs when you watch music videos on YouTube or listen to songs on Grooveshark.

Personally, I love belting out my favorite songs while listening to them on YouTube (probably much to the dismay of my neighbors).  I usually just do a Google search when I need lyrics, or try to find the YouTube videos with lyrics on them—but searching is a hassle and the lyric videos are generally pretty ugly.

The YouTube Lyrics extension lets you watch the original music videos and it opens up a window with lyrics alongside it, without you having to search for anything.  If you want to get rid of the lyrics, just X ‘em out.

The developer explains how the browser works to ensure that you’ll get your lyrics, no matter what music video you’re watching:

Multiple sources are used to ensure that Lyrics always show up. The use and order of these sources are customizable. Current sources:
- Lyrics.wikia.com
- Lyrics.com
- MetroLyrics.com
- AZLyrics.com
- LyricsTime.com
- LyricsMode.com
- LeosLyrics.com
- Letras.mus.br
- Vagalume.com.br
- LyricsMania.com
- Magistrix.de

Check it out and have a sing-along of your own and let us know what you think!

Image credit: Elnur via shutterstock.com

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