YouTube Founders Bought Another Startup: Tap11

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Founders of YouTube, Chad Hurly and Steve Chen, who own a new web company called AVOS, bought another startup. Tap11 is a real-time business intelligence platform, allowing companies to monitor their effectiveness on the Internet.

The acquisition arrives shortly after AVOS bought Delicious, the bookmarking service, from Yahoo. The co-founders of Tap11 will be joining AVOS in top executive roles.

In a release Hurley says “our vision is to create the world’s best platform for users to save, share, and Tap11 works with over 500 major brands, media companies and agencies.

At the Chirp conference, a judging panel viewed Tap11 as the “Omniture of the real-time web” while Twitter elected Tap11 as the top 6 app.

Tap11’s platform combines social publishing and analytics into a single device that allows marketers to regulate, engage, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. So, they can maximize social marketing ROI.

“We’re excited to join Chad and Steve to take Tap11 to the next level,” said Adam Zbar, CEO of Tap11. “With over 1 billion users on the social web and no good tools to systematically archive and analyze this data, there is a massive loss of marketing intelligence.”

“We plan to leverage our Volume algorithm to fully measure the impact of content consumed and shared across the social ecosystem,” said Braxton Woodham, Tap11’s CTO. “In combination with, we will be able to provide consumers and publishers with deep, relevant insights and recommendations.”