YouTube Launches Simplified Browsing Experience On Channel Pages

By Megan O'Neill 

YouTube is at it again—rolling out yet another design change to simplify the YouTube navigation process and make it easier for viewers to consume the video they love.  This time they’ve launched a simpler channel page that merges the Feed and Videos tabs into one ‘Browse videos’ tab.

Previously, channel visitors were greeted with three tabs on channel pages—the ‘Featured’ tab, which showed off whatever videos and playlists the YouTuber had chosen to feature; a ‘Feed’ tab, which featured the YouTubers activity on the site (i.e. likes, comments, etc.); and a ‘Videos’ tab, which housed all of the videos uploaded to that channel.

Software Engineer Tim, from the Channels team at YouTube, writes on the YouTube Creator Blog that the new ‘Browse videos’ tab “will house all Channel activity: uploads, playlists, likes, activity, and comments.  Upon clicking the ‘Browse videos’ tab, by default your viewers will be taken to Uploads, but they can easily view other activity using the menu.  For example, everything you used to see on the Feed tab can be viewed by clicking on ‘Activity.’”  Tim writes, “Our testing showed that this change makes Channels easier to navigate.”

Personally, I like the new design a lot.  I always found that it took more time than necessary to discover videos on a channel because of the excess of tabs.  Not to mention the fact that I never really cared about a channel’s “activity” anyway.  But I’m not representative of everyone and so, of course, there is going to be some backlash throughout the day as YouTube users discover the change.

User flaillomanz, for instance, writes in a comment on the blog post, “Your testing is wrong; I personally know many of us who actually USE youtube will find this infuriating when taken in context with the previous layout.  Sorry, but that’s just how it is.  And I’m not along in my thinking.  Please, add an option for us die-had ‘rebels’ who just want the old youtube layout back; don’t fix what isn’t broken.”

PkGam writes, “What about this update making things ‘simpler’ exactly?  It made things even more complicated.  I don’t know if you realized this, but a tab that says ‘browse videos’ wouldn’t logically have a person’s channel comments under it because there are no videos in the channel comments, obviously.”  PkGam has a good point.  That being said, I still like the simplicity that the combined tabs brings.

What are your thoughts on the new channel updates?  Like the new tab layout?  Hate it?  We’d love to hear what you think!

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