2-Second Trick For Boosting Your YouTube Channel’s Google Ranking

By Megan O'Neill 

Looking for an easy way to boost your YouTube video ranking in search results?  At the beginning of a video of Steve Garfield’s presentation from Blog World & New Media Expo LA 2011, Paul Colligan offers up a quick tip that can do wonders in making your videos more discoverable in Google.

Colligan explains that even though viewers will be directed to your channel when they type in youtube.com/”ChannelName”, internally YouTube channel names are structured as youtube.com/user/”ChannelName”.  He says, “When you link to /user/”ChannelName” then it’s what Google’s looking for, and you get more benefit that way.”

So, as an example (in case the whole “ChannelName” thing is confusing)—our YouTube channel name is SocialTimesInc.  When linking to our channel we should use the link http://youtube.com/user/socialtimesinc and NOT simply http://youtube.com/socialtimesinc.  Make sense?

So how effective is this?  Colligan says, “We’ve seen videos hop from 25 and 30 to the top 3 just by changing the user linkings to the channels a couple of weeks previously.  So it’s a minor thing, but if you’ve got YouTube, make your web address for the links youtube.com/user/yourname.”  He says, “It’s silly, but it’s their playground and you’re playing in it.”

Image credit: Mur34 via Shutterstock.com

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