Who’s YouTube’s Biggest Earner? Rihanna, Justin Bieber or Ray William Johnson?

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Have you ever wondered who makes the most money on YouTube? Is the highest-grossing YouTuber Justin Bieber, Shane Dawson, Ray William Johnson, or Rihanna? With MyU2B Stats Beta you don’t have to wonder anymore.

MyU2B Stats is a new site that tracks the view counts of over 13,000 of the most popular YouTube channels, and ranks them according to estimated daily gross. The site also lists daily views, subscribers, comments, thumbs up/down, and favorites for YouTube channels and videos.

So who are the highest daily grossing YouTubers? You may find the results surprising. As of today, December 13, 2010, the most-subscribed to YouTuber of all time, Ryan Higa aka nigahiga, is in 29th place, with a daily gross of $830 and Shane Dawson, who was listed as the highest grossing YouTuber by Business Insider earlier this year, is in 32nd place with a daily gross of $825. The highest grossing YouTube channels, it seems, are dominated by VEVO music channels, and Rihanna blew YouTube’s “big fish” Shane and Ryan out of the water with a $3.9K daily gross. As you can see from the screenshot below, listing the top 10 highest daily grossing channels today, half of the top 10 are VEVO channels.

In addition to ranking the highest-ranking YouTubers against each other, MyU2B Stats also ranks specific users’ videos. For instance, a search for MyU2B creator Paul Robinett’s YouTube channel shows a ranking of his highest grossing videos, alongside the highest grossing clip.

If you search for stats for a channel that is not yet added to the MyU2B database you will receive a pop-up message that lets you know that that channel has been added to MyU2B stats and that you should check back in 48 hours for data about that channel. As more and more people discover MyU2B and start using it to find earnings stats, along with daily view stats and more, the database is likely to exceed the current 13,000 channels in no time.

MyU2B is a collaboration between American vlogger and entrepreneur Paul Robinett, aka Renetto, and developer Nick Long. In addition to the new stats site, MyU2B is also a Smartphone application that lets you watch and rate YouTube videos, comment, share, and more. Synch the app with your YouTube account, subscribe to channels without even having a YouTube account and more. The creators say, “MyU2B is simply the best way to experience YouTube on a mobile device.”

Are you surprised by the stats on MyU2B? What do you think of the company’s new stats charts, as well as the MyU2B smartphone app? Would you use either of these services in the future?