YouTube Adds Apps: Make Videos & Animations Without A Camera

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Making your own YouTube videos is now easier than ever. YouTube has just announced that they have added Xtranormal, Stupeflix and GoAnimate apps to their site, allowing you to easily create and upload animated videos and slide shows, no camera required.

The announcement went up last night on the YouTube blog. YouTube software engineer Stanley Wang and product manager Shenaz Zack write, “More than 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and with the motto of “Broadcast Yourself”, it’s hard to believe that anyone is left out of the YouTube experience. But the truth is, sites like YouTube do largely leave out people who don’t have a video camera.” Not anymore!

YouTube has just launched The Create Videos page lets users approve and use apps from Xtranormal, GoAnimate and Stupeflix to create videos and post them to the video site.


Many of you are probably already familiar with Xtranormal, even if you don’t know it by name. Xtranormal is the service that was used to create the popular ‘iPhone4 vs HTC Evo’ video, in which two animated bears discuss the iPhone4 and the HTC Evo. Check out the tutorial below from the Xtranormal Movie Maker channel.


GoAnimate is a similar service that lets you make animated videos within minutes. You can get started on the GoAnimate YouTube page. Check out the video tutorial below to find out more.


Finally, Stupeflix is great for users that already have photos and video ready but want to tell a story with it or put it into slideshow form. You can create free videos up to 60 seconds in length. Get started on the Stupeflix Video Maker page and find out more in the video below.

A huge amount of video content is already being uploaded to YouTube. With the launch of these news apps, I can’t even imagine how quickly the amount of content on YouTube will increase. I think it’s cool that YouTube has added these three apps, and I look forward to seeing if they will add even more similar services in the coming months.

What do you think about the new Create Videos page on YouTube? Will you be using any of the apps to create your own videos on YouTube?