20,000 Different Advertisers Now Running YouTube Ad Campaigns

By Megan O'Neill Comment

When you watch videos on YouTube it’s hard not to notice the pre-roll video ads, the overlays, and the advertisements in the sidebar, but if you had to take a guess at how many companies are actually advertising on YouTube you may fall short.  I would have guessed that there were a few thousand companies running advertising on Facebook, but the real number is a whopping 20,000.

This number was reported in an article by Irina Slutsky on AdAge Digital, which went up yesterday.  According to Slutsky’s article, YouTube’s senior product manager, Phil Farhi, said, “The 20,000 advertisers are all separate companies that are running campaigns with us.  Everything from major brands to the smaller, newer types of advertisers.”

A lot of companies that aren’t huge see YouTube as a cheaper and more focused alternative to television advertising.  The AdAge article uses GoPro as an example.  GoPro is a manufacturer of helmet-mounted cameras that allow users to upload video directly to YouTube and other platforms.  Their video ads have been viewed millions of times on YouTube by a niche audience that is interested in their products.  Of GoPro, Farhi says, “They are not a Super Bowl-sized advertiser, but they work really well with a subset of the YouTube community.”

YouTube offers all sorts of targeted advertising opportunities, from promoted videos to TrueView ads, branded channels, homepage takeovers and more.  More information can be found on YouTube’s Advertising page and their Advertising channel.

Are you surprised by the number of advertisers that are now running YouTube campaigns?  If you had to guess before reading this article, how many advertisers would you have expected were on YouTube?

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