Yelp Update Makes It Easier to Connect to Friends on iOS

By Cameron Scott 

yelp, reviews, social networksYelp launched an update to its mobile apps today, and the iOS update features a “rebuilt” homepage notification bar designed to make it easier for users to respond to friend requests, approve other users’ compliments and view their own previous likes and comments.

The home page menu now includes “About Me,” “Friends,” and “Talk” buttons, for example.

The update reflects an ongoing competition between Yelp and Foursquare to provide the best social recommendations for local businesses. Foursquare has also touted its private checkins as a way for less digitally extroverted users to remind themselves of places they like without broadcasting their tastes.

On both iOS and Android, the update includes an “Explore the Menu” feature, which allows users to see photos and reviews of restaurant menu items. The menus will start rolling out today on business pages across the U.S., on desktop and mobile, according to a Yelp blog post. Users will be able to attach photos in their tips, so a tip that says “Try the sweet potato fries!” could include a photo of the fries.