Yahoo: 79% of Generation X Are Smartphone Users

By Brandy Shaul Comment

Shutterstock Gen X

Yahoo has released a new report analyzing Generation X (Gen X), the segment of the population aged 35-54, which accounts for more than 81 million people in the United States (Gen Xers). The report called Gen X the most influential generation in America, as it reportedly has the most spending power of any generation, and accounts for 31 percent of the country’s total income dollars.

In its report, Yahoo revealed the ways these users engage with smartphones and consume content on social media, as well as their opinions on ads aimed at their generation.

The report showed 79 percent of Gen Xers use smartphones, with this figure expected to grow to 88 percent by 2018. These users are also heavy multitaskers, with 84 percent of Gen Xers using two or more devices during primetime hours (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.), and switching between devices 9.2 times per hour. The report showed the most popular device combinations are television and laptop and television and phone.

Yahoo found almost 80 million Gen Xers visited a social media site in January 2016. Breaking down this time spent on social media, the report showed 75 percent of users consume content, while 43 percent share or repost content created by others. Finally, 32 percent create, publish or share their own content.

The report found almost one in three Gen Xers consume content posted by brands and companies. In addition, while 25 percent of Gen Xers said they feel their generation is often forgotten about by advertisers, 27 percent of Gen Xers said they were ‘more likely to purchase a product from a brand whose ad is targeted specifically at [their] generation.’

For Gen X parents, 38 percent said they were more likely to click on an ad specifically aimed at their generation. In addition, 54 percent of Gen X parents said they ‘noticed online ads that targeted them specifically as parents.’

Yahoo’s complete study is available here.