World Map Of Social Networks: Facebook Really Is Taking Over The World

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Vincenzo Cosenza has just released the latest edition of his bi-annual World Map of Social Networks, a world map showing the most popular social networks by country.  According to Vinco’s Blog, the data for the map is compiled “according to Alexa & Google Trends for Websites traffic data.”

As one can imagine, Facebook is the dominant social network in most parts of the map.  But you may be surprised by just how rapidly Facebook is growing.  By comparing the World Map of Social Networks that Cosenza put out this month to previous maps put out in December 2010, June 2010, December 2009 and June 2009, it’s clear that Facebook is quickly taking over, rising above local social networks in all parts of the world.

With each new map, the blue areas become more and more dominant and, in fact, every six months more and more social networks drop off of the map altogether.  In June 2009, 17 networks were accounted for; in December 2009 this number dropped to 16; In June 2010 there were 14 social networks on the map; and in December 2010 there were only 11.  Now, in June 2011, there are only 9 social networks represented on the World Map of Social Networks.

How long do you think it will be before the remaining 8 “survivors” are dropped from the map and the entire world is painted Facebook blue?  Check out the maps below, compiled into an animated gif, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments.  Click here to see each map individually.

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