WORLD CUP: 75M Facebook Interactions From 31M+ Users For Host Brazil’s Shootout Win Vs. Chile

By David Cohen 

WorldCupBrazilChileTotal650Host Brazil’s shootout victory over Chile Saturday in the first match of the elimination round of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil resulted in some 75 million Facebook interactions (posts, comments, and likes) from more than 31 million users, according to the Facebook Data Science Team.

Facebook users in Brazil alone accounted for some 30 million interactions from more than 11 million users of the social network.

The two players who were the subject of the most worldwide buzz on Facebook were Neymar of Brazil and Alexis Sánchez of Chile, and the match’s top five social moments were:

  1. Gonzalo Jara of Chile fails to convert the game’s final penalty kick, hitting the crossbar, clinching the victory for Brazil.
  2. Mauricio Pinilla of Chile hits the crossbar as extra time is about to expire, nearly winning the match for his club.
  3. Neymar converts on his penalty kick, giving Brazil a 3-2 edge in the shootout.
  4. Brazil Goalie Julio César makes a diving save on the penalty kick of Chile’s Sánchez, preserving Brazil’s 1-0 shootout lead.
  5. Extra time ends with the score tied at 1-1, sending the match to a shootout.

The top five demographic groups discussing Saturday’s game were:

  1. Men 18 through 24.
  2. Men 25 through 34.
  3. Women 18 through 24.
  4. Women 25 through 34.
  5. Men 35 through 44.

The top five countries discussing the match on Facebook were:

  1. Brazil
  2. U.S.
  3. Chile
  4. Mexico
  5. Indonesia

The top five players from Brazil, in terms of buzz, were:

  1. Neymar
  2. César
  3. Hulk
  4. David Luiz
  5. Fred

And the top five players from Chile were:

  1. Sánchez
  2. Claudio Bravo
  3. Pinilla
  4. Arturo Vidal
  5. Gary Medel


Image of Brazilian soccer fans courtesy of Shutterstock.