Work4 Labs Social Recruiting Score Rates Companies On Facebook, Social, Mobile Recruiting

By David Cohen 

Work4LabsSocialRecruitingScoreIs it possible to put a number on how well companies use social and mobile recruiting? Yes, according to Facebook recruiting solution Work4 Labs, which introduced online tool Social Recruiting Score Tuesday.

Social Recruiting Score assigns companies a score of between 0 and 100 based on three sub-scores: detected social reach, mobile presence, and candidate referral opportunities. Along with the score, the tool offers insights on how the searched company can optimize its social recruiting presence.

Work4 Labs Vice President of Marketing Kirsten Smith said in the release announcing Social Recruiting Score:

After working with thousands of companies, from small businesses to the enterprise and across multiple verticals, we realized the need for talent-acquisition professionals to be able to quickly and easily identify and address underdeveloped areas in their own social and mobile recruiting strategies. The Social Recruiting Score will give companies the chance to pinpoint areas of success and opportunity as they learn how to navigate the rapid shifts in how candidates prefer to communicate and engage with companies that recruit on social media and mobile platforms.

We’re at a point in the recruitment industry where companies can’t afford not to recruit on Facebook and other social media. The Social Recruiting Score can be the turning point for a company moving from a mediocre social presence to an optimized social and mobile hiring strategy, and we’re going to help them get there by providing strategies based on the latest, most imperative best practices and data.

Readers: How did your companies perform in Social Recruiting Score?