HOW TO: Turn Three Small Brand Photos On Facebook’s News Feed Into One Big Photo

By David Cohen 

Facebook analytics provider Wise Metrics came up with a neat trick for manipulating the way photos are displayed on users’ news feeds so that brands can draw more attention to their posts.

Rather than posting albums with three separate photos, Wise Metrics came up with a way to turn three small photos into one eye-catching large image:

  1. Resize your picture to 778 pixels wide.
  2. Put four vertical guides on your pictures at 241, 267, 510, and 536 pixels (x axis). These guides represent the margins Facebook will insert between your pictures.
  3. Create a square selection of 243×243 pixels. Place it in the middle of your picture.
  4. Add a horizontal guide at the top of your square selection. You will now need to crop three 243×243 pixels square.
  5. Move your 243×243 square selection to the left edge of your picture. Make sure the top of your selection is right on the horizontal guide. Crop the first picture and save it (jpeg).
  6. Move your 243×243 square selection to the middle of your picture, between the horizontal guide and the second and third guide. Crop and save this new square picture.
  7. Move again your 243×243 selection and move it to the right edge of your picture. Crop and save.
  8. Finally, publish a new album in Facebook by adding your three pictures. Add the relevant text and description (you can even insert links into the description field!).

Wise Metrics said it produced a template to help users duplicate these actions, adding:

Launching new Facebook applications is cool, but remember that the majority of brand impressions occurs on the news feed, not on your Facebook page.

According to comScore, a brand’s number of impressions in the news feed could be up to 294 times higher (no typo) than impressions on the page itself.

To put it simply, your success (or failure) on Facebook depends on your ability to generate visibility in your fans’ news feeds, not on how beautiful your brand new app is.

To maximize your results, we’ve devised a simple trick to increase your brand posts’ impact using Facebook’s photo album feature.