Who's the Latest Royal on Facebook?

By Katie Kindelan Comment

Does a “poke” now pass as a virtual courtesy? Does the Queen like Farmville? Will photos from the Buckingham Palace Christmas party be far behind? Those are all questions Facebook users likely have on their minds now that her Royal Highness is on Facebook.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II now has an official Facebook page, featuring videos, photos and news items along with daily updates on her engagements for her fans.

The news, announced by the royal household over the weekend, marks another step forward for both social networking, and the 84-year-old Queen.

The royal family joined Twitter in 2009, created its own YouTube channel in 2007 and also has its own account on the photography Web site Flickr.

While social networking usually reveals more than we perhaps wanted to know about others, the Queen’s page is more of, well, a corporate affair.

Users are able to leave comments for the Queen, send messages to Buckingham Palace, and find details of royal events close to their homes, but not send the Queen a friend request.

That has not stopped more than 90,000 people from “liking” the site already.

And royal watchers with visions of the Queen sitting in her royal chair posting a status update, or dreams that the Queen will drop hints of Prince William’s engagement plans on the site, stay tuned.

We all know how addicting Facebook can become, even for royals.