Who Will Stop People from Sharing Photos at the Olympics? [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

The 2012 Olympic Games should inspire a flurry of activity on social media sites, but London officials have already banned ticket holders from sharing their photos and videos. How will they stop millions of people from breaking the rules? This infographic crunches the numbers.

Really, the ban is aimed at people who are trying to profit from unauthorized coverage of the event. But with so many people lined up to watch the game, how will they be able to tell who’s who?

According to Fresh Egg, nearly half of attendees will have access to Facebook. In the infographic below, the researchers estimate how many photos people could collectively produce at each game in a stadium with a maximum capacity of 80,000 people. Next, they calculate how long it would take stadium employees to check each picture to make sure it hasn’t been posted. In between, there are a few fun facts, like what it would look like if all of the photos were printed out and stacked on top of each other. The researchers follow up with a cost analysis of the manpower it would require to get the job done. (The employees aren’t paid very well, but the outlook still isn’t good.)

In short, they say, good luck with that.

Source: Fresh Egg via Visual.ly

Featured image by Natursports via Shutterstock.com