Where to Follow the 2013 NFL Draft on Social Media

By Devon Glenn 

Tonight the NFL will begin to announce its draft picks for the upcoming football season. Stars will be made, dreams will be crushed, and plenty of bets will be placed on the outcome of this event. Here’s where to follow along on social media.

1. Before you get lost in the Twittersphere, check out this chart from Fizziology, which succinctly shows the top 20 NFL draft prospects based on their social volume. 

2. ESPN and 3. NFL Network will also be on Twitter, but don’t worry — they will not be posting spoilers. According to Sports Illustrated:

While ESPN and NFL Network will compete fiercely for audience this week, they have once again come together for a gentleman’s agreement on the subject of tipping draft picks. Both networks have pledged not to show images of players on the phone in the green room at Radio City Music Hall. In addition to that, both networks tell SI.com that they will tell staffers not to report pick-by-pick selections on their Twitter feeds prior to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announcing the picks on the podium. The Twitter edict will extend into the second round of the draft. Teams have 10 minutes to pick in the first round, seven minutes in the second round and five minutes for the rest of the draft.

4. CBS Sports’ “Draft Show Live” puts viewers on two different tracks: on the first track, Fantasy Football expert Nathan Zegura and Draft expert Rob Rang, along with host Kevin Corke, will interview coaches and general managers as they speculate about the Draft. On the second track, NFL Columnist Pete Prisco and NFL Writer Will Brinson will analyze the buzz from Twitter and Facebook, poll the viewers on their favorite players, and interact directly with the fans. The CBS Sports mobile app is available for iPhone and Android, and can also be accessed through the CBSSports.com mobile website.