What Role Does Social Media Play in College Admissions? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Katie Kindelan Comment

‘Tis the season for high school seniors to run to the mailbox, or their email inbox these days, to sort through college acceptances and rejections.  It may be too late for this year’s seniors, but should their classmates in grades below “friend” their top college choice on Facebook, or run to change their privacy settings?

A recent study by education company Kaplan found that more than 80 percent of America’s top colleges use popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in their recruiting processes.

That prompted Schools.com, a college guidance site, to create the below infographic showing just what role social media plays in whether a high school senior ends up at Harvard, or perhaps wishing they had never posted that senior party picture on Facebook.

Some of the results may surprise you.

For instance, a whopping 70 percent of colleges say that Facebook profiles of candidates play a medium or high priority in the admissions process but, fortunately for students, 62 percent of admissions officers say that those same social media profiles have actually helped students get accepted, not hurt them.

It’s also not a bad idea to “friend” your top college choices.  The overwhelming majority, 82 percent, of admissions officers rely on Facebook over both Twitter and YouTube to recruit students.  And 80 percent also report receiving a friend request from an applicant on Facebook, their favored recruiting tool.

Take a look and tell us what you think.  Did you use social media in the college application process?  Are you surprised that social media is weighted so heavily now by colleges?

Reading students like an open facebook, or how social media is reshaping college admissions
Courtesy of: Schools.com