What Brands Can Learn From Bank Of America’s Failure To Protect Its Own Image On Google+

By CJ Arlotta 

As most of you may know, Bank of America had a rather interesting brand image related problem on Google+ this week. According to one source, Bank of America was at fault for its own failure. On the other hand, others felt Google was the real culprit for not protecting the authenticity of brands on its social networking platform. Both sides of the debate developed valid arguments, however, Bank of America’s failure to protect its own image will be used as a case study for an example of failed brand protection, since brands will be able to learn from this lack of action.

Protecting your brand is one of the many reasons I give clients for having a presence on social networking platforms. By not establishing your brand’s image on a particular platform, you leave your brand vulnerable to attacks, like the unfortunate attack on Bank of America.

Brands should learn from this simple case study. In fact, Bank of America’s brand protection failure will help social media strategists accumulate more clients in the future. Google+, with only 25 million users, is still a force to be reckoned with.

Even though Bank of America is mostly at fault for its failure to protect its own brand, Google will eventually need to address the authenticity issues at hand. Google cannot afford to lose large brands on its social networking platform, if it wants to compete with Facebook. Instead, Google needs to put together a plan to authenticate brands.

For some of you, the blame could go either way. I believe, however, a brand needs to lookout for its own self-interest above all. Google, as most of us are aware, is to blame for its lack of oversight on the authenticity of brands, but to protect your brand from future platforms, be sure to make your presence known. If not, be prepared to deal with the Bank of America scenario.

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