Wendy’s Employee Exposes Filthy Store On YouTube

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Before you eat at Wendy’s you may think again, thanks to a new video exposé that’s circulating the Web.  The video, shot by an ex-Wendy’s employee at the store in Olean, New York, features dusty cup lids, a filthy stove, black mold next to burger buns and more.  According to the video description, he was fired for trying to fight against these conditions, which are clearly a breach of Health Code.

The video was uploaded to YouTube last Thursday, May 26, and it has been viewed just over 73,000 times so far.  It’s a little bit surprising that the video hasn’t been taken down yet, and that Wendy’s hasn’t responded.  YouTuber golconda2 writes, “I’m pleasantly surprised that this video is still up, given YT’s tendency to cave to any corporate takedown request.  I recommend sending this to your local Health Department or possible OSHA office and make sure you have a backup, offline copy for safe keeping.”

I wonder if Wendy’s is aware that this video exists.  A quick Google search for ‘Wendy’s Olean, NY’ and ‘Wendy’s Law Suit?’ returns few related results about the actual Wendy’s store—just links to blogs that have covered the video.  If anyone lives in or near Olean, NY and has more information, please let us know in the comments.

You can check out the video below.  What do you think of the fact that this ex-employee is using YouTube as a means for getting the truth out about the conditions at his former workplace?  Was uploading the video appropriate, or should he have simply gone to the local Health Department to report the business?

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