Weekly Dose Of WTF: Richard Simmons, Bigfoot and A Camel Toe Cure

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Happy Wednesday everyone! We’ve made it to the middle of the week and you know what that means – it’s time for our Weekly Dose Of WTF. Our selection of videos this week are sure to make you scrunch up your eyebrows, tilt your head to the side and ask, “WTF?!” We’ve got a Mile-High Richard Simmons workout, a Bigfoot sighting, a wedding like you’ve never seen, a toothpick-filled beard, oh…and…a miraculous cure for camel toe (yuck!). So grab a snack, sit back and get ready to be WTF-ified! On second thought…you might want to save that snack for later.

Mile-High Madness With Richard Simmons

This week we’ll start out with the latest video campaign from Air New Zealand. The video has been a huge success, garnering over 1.1 million views in three days. But seriously, WTF? Richard Simmons? But Air New Zealand is not new to viral video campaigns that make you say, “WTF?” Last year, the airline launched a campaign starring a crude Muppet (squirrel?) named Rico that spewed weird creepy sexual innuendos, and earlier this month they released a rap video starring Rico and Snoop Dogg. I’m not sure which of their campaigns I think is the weirdest. And I wonder if they’re showing this safety video on their actual flights?


This five-second video of Bigfoot aka Knobby has been viewed nearly 2 million times in the past week. This video is WTF on so many levels. For one – why the freak have 2 million people watched this? Where did they find it? What were they looking for? And also, why is it that when Bigfoot is in the general vicinity cameras always go all blurry? Hmm…curiouser and curiouser.

Smooth Groove

And here we have it – the crème de la crème of WTF videos – an infomercial for a cure for Camel Toe. It’s just so hard for me to believe that there’s actually a serious video out there about this issue. Did you know that a staggering 55% of women suffer from camel toe at some point in their lives? It’s a serious issue. Seriously.

2747 Toothpicks In My Beard

This guy decided to beat a bearded friend’s record of putting 2,222 toothpicks in his beard. He made it to 2,747. It looks like he’s got some kind of crazy porcupine on his face. I wonder what went through the mind of the first guy who decided to do this?

Furry Wedding

And finally, furry culture is a strange, strange thing. This video features a wedding where everyone is wearing bear suits. The title, translated from Russian, is ‘Bear’s wedding in Orenburg. SHOCK!’ Is that Yogi on the left?