From Movember To Boob Lube: Web Video Fights Cancer This Fall

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Autumn seems to be the season for fighting cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, November is Movember’s prostate cancer moustache-growing campaign, and the race to raise money for cancer research is on – especially in the world of web video.


Movember, formerly known as November, is a worldwide effort to spread awareness and race money for prostate cancer research through moustaches. Yes, you read right – in November men all over the world are refraining from shaving their moustaches in order to show their support and spread awareness about prostate cancer, becoming walking, moustache-wearing billboards.

So how is web video involved? As part of Movember, men and women are invited to submit videos to ‘The Moscars’, showing how they are taking part in Movember and showing their support. Submit a time-lapse video of your moustache growth, or “Mo Growth”, talk about why you are participating in Movember, or submit any kind of creative take on your Movember experience you can come up with. Women! You are invited to participate too, even though you probably won’t be able to grow a “Mo” of your own.

Check out this great Movember video in which a guy named Malcolm tries to get someone on the streets of London to shave off his moustache for him. It took 6 days before someone finally agreed to do it, and you’ll never guess who did the shaving! Here’s a hint: He’s famous, he’s British and his name rhymes with Shmugh Grant.

Movember has raised $100 million for prostate cancer research to date, and is sure to raise even more this November…er, I mean this Movember. So are you going to grow a Movember moustache this year?

The Guy At Home In His Underwear

Mark is “The Guy At Home In His Underwear”, broadcasting himself live in a 25-day live streaming underwear-fest. Mark is currently just over the week one hump, with just under three weeks left to go and if he makes it through 24 days then Stanfield’s Underwear will donate $25,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society in support of testicular cancer awareness. Mark is a testicular cancer survivor himself, and what better way to raise money for cancer research than by sitting at home in your underwear all day for 25 days?

Mark is spreading awareness for the campaign with a Facebook page that already has over 26,000 “likes”, and a YouTube channel with highlights from each day. You can also follow Mark on Twitter. Mark is also doing a daily poll, in which he asks viewers to decide things like which meat combo he’ll eat today, and he’s also got a weekly donation challenge. If viewers reach a weekly donations goal he will do the challenge. This week the challenge is getting his chest waxed. Next week, if the donation challenge is met, Mark will get a tattoo! This guy is really serious about raising money for testicular cancer awareness!

I have so much respect for what Mark is doing, and I’m sure he is going to raise a ton of money with his campaign. Check out the introduction to The Guy At Home In His Underwear below, and check out Mark’s highlight videos or watch him live on his website.

Boob Lube

For women who are feeling left out with all the prostate and testicular cancer awareness, don’t be glum. There’s a viral video campaign going on for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month too. Boob Lube is new campaign from Save The Ta-tas. Boob Lube is a real product that you can buy and the company will donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research.

Check out the video below, which has just over 15,000 views so far. It’s a nice concept, creating an actual product that people can buy to support breast cancer awareness. However, without knowing exactly what percentage of the proceeds go to cancer research you may be better off doing a Susan Komen Race For The Cure event if you really want to make a difference.