Web Of Trust Browser Add-On Now Available Via Facebook’s Antivirus Marketplace

By David Cohen 

Web of Trust became the next new partner in Facebook’s Antivirus Marketplace to announce the availability of its free tool, following a similar move by Total Defense Monday.

The contribution to the Antivirus Marketplace from Web of Trust is a browser extension that scores nearly 39 million websites based on trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety, using input from millions of users, and it offers its results in a traffic-light format.

Web of Trust CEO Markus Suomi said:

Since May 2011, WOT has been helping Facebook users stay safe by alerting them when they click suspicious external links on Facebook. Now Facebook users can install WOT to stay safe outside of Facebook, too, and also help others surf safer by rating websites they visit. We are very pleased that WOT has been added to Facebook’s AV Marketplace, and we welcome all Facebook users to install the add-on and join our global Web of Trust.

Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan added:

We have been proud partners with Web of Trust for the past year-and-a-half, and we are excited to announce a new stage of that partnership to keep our users and their data safe. Not only will Facebook users continue to benefit from WOT’s reputation warnings when clicking potentially malicious links, but they will also be able to download its browser add-on for protection no matter where they are on the Web.