Launches Extreme Weather Report for Your Facebook Friends

By Devon Glenn 

Where will you be when the next Snowpocalypse or Frankenstorm hits your town? Somewhere safe and dry, yes, but you might also be glued to your phone for weather updates and text messages from all of your nosy friends.

The Weather Channel is on to you.

Today on, you’ll find the severe weather edition of My Friends’ Weather, a social feature that shows you which of your Facebook friends are in the danger zone during a local National Weather Service (NWS) alert.

The application requires a Facebook login to track your friends who have listed their locations in their profiles.

When disaster strikes, a bar pops up that’s color-coded to show the severity of the weather. These include varying stages of tornado warnings, winter storm warnings, flood warnings, and fires, so you’ll never run out of disasters to worry about.

You can also send and receive messages to one another to make sure everyone is okay.

Through a partnership with Travelers, the site will also show tips from Travelers’ Risk Control property specialists who will tell you when you need sandbags for your house or when you should just run.

Storm image by Frank L Junior via Shutterstock.