Watch: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s First Live Interview

By Devon Glenn 

Motherhood and corporate leadership are no sweat for Marissa Mayer, who gave her first live interview as chief executive of Yahoo at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women event in Palo Alto last night.

Mayer had left her position at Google and headed for Yahoo in July. Her son, Macallister, was born on September 30.

“Yahoo is a really fun place to work,” she told Fortune editor-at-large Pattie Sellers. “I love the people there and I love the spirit of the place …. The baby’s been way easier than everyone made it out to be. I think I’ve been really lucky that way but I had a very easy, healthy pregnancy, he’s been easy. And so those have been two really terrific surprises — the kid’s been easier and the job has been fun.”

After making executive changes and trying boost company morale with free food and phones for staffers, Mayer’s next step is to dominate the mobile app space. “We have a terrific set of assets on the web–all the things people want to do on their mobile phone,” she said. “The interesting thing is when you look at what people want to do on their phone, it’s mail, weather, check stock quotes and news. That’s Yahoo’s business. This is a huge opportunity for us because we have the content and all the information people want on their phones.”

As for for her priorities, “I think that for me, it’s God, family and Yahoo—in that order,” Mayer said.

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